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Secrets to Getting Your Team to Write User-Friendly Documents

Free Training: Secrets to Getting Your Team to Write User-Friendly Documents

May 07, 20242 min read

As leaders in the pharma, medical device or biotech industry, you understand the critical importance of clear and user-friendly documentation within your organization. That's why I am excited to extend an invitation to you and your team for a free training session hosted by SciLife.

This training session - Secrets to Getting Your Team to Write User-Friendly Documents - will equip you with a strategy to enhance your team’s document writing.

Online Training Details:

  • Date: May 16, 2024

  • Time: 11 AM CEST

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Many leaders and managers get frustrated with the quality of documents within their company QMS. This is particularly of concern for QA Managers who usually have to defend these documents during an audit.

So how do you improve documentation standards without QA having to re-write documents? The secret is in establishing a writing framework within the QMS. This isn’t anything new, just putting some obvious structure in place to ensure document standards are front of mind.

In our next Training session, Dr Kathy Walsh, Principal Consultant and Founder of Quality Systems Now, will offer a practical guide to transforming your QMS documents from a company liability to a plain language company asset.

She will explore the secrets to implementing a plain language writing framework that will immediately improve the quality of your procedural documents.

You will:

  • Learn the root causes of poor document writing.

  • Discover a simple framework to avoid common mistakes and empower your writers to create compliant, user-friendly documents.

  • Understand the importance of establishing and controlling templates, training writers and reviewers, and structuring the workplace to promote good documentation.

  • Understand that people's behavior is behind many documentation problems but that can be corrected with a writing framework.

Participation in this workshop is Free, Register your participation here

In the pharma, medical device, or biotech industry, we recognize the crucial role that clear and user-friendly documentation plays within our organization. In our fields, documentation isn't just paperwork—it's fundamental for staying compliant with regulations and ensuring the safety and effectiveness of our products.

Clear documentation is essential for accurately recording procedures, protocols, and research findings. In pharmaceuticals, it's critical for submitting regulatory documents and managing clinical trials and manufacturing processes. For medical devices, clear documentation proves product safety, effectiveness, and compliance with strict regulations. Similarly, in biotech, detailed documentation is vital for recording experimental results and research procedures.

User-friendly documentation improves efficiency and productivity. When employees can easily access and understand information, it reduces errors and delays in workflows. This is especially important in industries where mistakes can have serious consequences for patient safety and regulatory compliance.

Therefore, as industry leaders, prioritizing clear and user-friendly documentation isn't just a good idea—it's essential for navigating the complexities of our highly regulated environment.

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